5 Reasons to Enable Multi-Currency Pricing on your Ecommerce Website

5 Reasons to Enable Multi-Currency Pricing on your Ecommerce Website

April 19, 2023 Calculating time...
After emerging from a global pandemic, you can expect online shopping all over the world to see a large increase compared to pre-pandemic trends. With all of these eager shoppers browsing the web, there are a multitude of reasons to add Multi-Currency Pricing (MCP) to your ecommerce website. Here are five:

Enhance the customer experience 

You can enhance your customer’s experience with a seamless checkout process by showing prices in their local currency, which can mean less stress and more transparency for shoppers.  

New revenue opportunity 

Moneris offers a competitive foreign exchange rate in real time, which means we can share the benefit with you. You can earn up to 1%* of the foreign exchange revenue share on eligible foreign transactions opening up a new revenue stream.

Reasons to enable Multi-Currency Pricing on your ecommerce website

Reduce cart your abandonment on your ecommerce website

You can reduce cart abandonment with Multi-Currency Pricing, as customers are more comfortable and receive less of a shock when shopping in their own currency. 

Reduce currency misunderstandings and chargebacks

Have you ever made a purchase at an American ecommerce website where it wasn’t made implicitly clear that the prices were in USD? It can sometimes be a jarring experience when you receive your next bank statement. 

By implementing Multi-Currency Pricing you can help minimize misunderstandings and chargebacks resulting from price misinterpretation by making it clear at checkout how much your customer is actually paying—in their own currency.

Reasons to enable Multi-Currency Pricing on your ecommerce website

Ecommerce website reporting

Log in to our web portal Merchant Direct and get access to detailed reports at any time, including a customized pricing revenue share report with revenue share information from each MCP transaction as well as other standard reports.  

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To learn more about Multi-Currency Pricing and how it can benefit your business, check out our video:

At Moneris we understand that as a business owner, it is important for you to be able to focus on running your operations as smoothly as possible. 

Our integrated tools are designed to help you increase your income and achieve success. We believe that you deserve products that are always connected and consistently perform at a high level, just like your business.

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