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  • You will receive an invitation from the Moneris website creation team to meet with them online. They will guide you through the process of setting up your website including payment processing. 

  • The Moneris website creation team will guide you through the process of creating and designing your Wix website. Work with them to select a template and customize it for your business. To learn about the options for designing and managing your website,
    visit the Wix help centre at

  • Depending on the Moneris Online package you choose, the following powerful fraud prevention tools are included:

    Moneris Kount® Essential gives merchants get ready-to-use fraud protection backed by our pre-configured Moneris ruleset. Moneris Checkout offers fully automated order decisioning on your behalf.
    3-D Secure provides real-time authentication of an online shopper to their card issuer through Visa® Secure and Mastercard Identity CheckTM.

    These fraud tools are pre-configured to work with Moneris Online. No additional setup on your part is required for either of these fraud prevention tools.

    1. On the Wix dashboard, click Orders.
    2. Select the order you want to refund.
    3. On the order details page, click Issue Refund.
    4. On the Issue refund page, enter the total amount to be refunded. You can refund the full amount or a partial amount.
    5. Select a reason for the refund (optional).
    6. Check the box next to “Send a confirmation email to customer”.
    7. Click Continue to complete the refund.
  • If you have access, you can also perform refunds in the Go portal.
    1. On the main menu, click Reports.
    2. Click on the transaction you want to refund.
    3. Click Actions and select Refund. For detailed instructions, refer to the Moneris Go portal reference guide or online help on the Moneris Go portal support page available at 

  • Merchants with only a Moneris Gateway account can perform refunds in the Merchant Resource Centre (MRC).
    1. Visit the MRC at
    2. On the login page, click on the Merchant Resource Center User Manual for instructions on how to perform a refund.

  • 1. Go to and click Sign up.
    2. At the Sign-up page, complete the required fields and click Sign up.
    3. You will receive a user account activation email. Follow the instructions in the email message.

    For step by step instructions, refer to the Moneris Go portal reference guide or online help on the Moneris Go portal support page available at

  • 1. On the Login page, click Forgot Password?
    2. On the Password Reset page, enter your email address then click Reset.
    3. The portal sends a message to your email address. In the message, click the link to reset your password. 

  • Existing Wix customers can select Moneris for their payment processing. Refer to this article on the Wix support page: Connecting Moneris as a payment provider

  • Access transaction details and statements, manage accounts, handle chargebacks, check fees and more with Moneris’ merchant portal, Merchant Direct®. Click here to find out more and to access Merchant Direct. 

  • A chargeback is an adjustment to your merchant account based on a previous sales transaction. You can handle chargebacks in merchant direct. Click here to find out more

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