B2B Pay is taking the complexity out of B2B payments.

Automate virtual card processing with B2B Pay and start effortlessly accepting B2B payments without any extra steps.

B2B Pay is the simpler, faster, and secure way to get paid.

With B2B Pay, suppliers can receive virtual credit card payments directly to their bank accounts. Save time and operational costs, while gaining security, enhanced data for reconciliation, and improved cash flow.

B2B Payment Solutions with Moneris

Explore how B2B Pay is making accounts receivable collections a breeze.

How B2B Pay works

B2B Pay takes the complexity out of processing B2B payments by converting virtual card payments into a straight-through processing experience for suppliers. Here's how it works:

  • Step 1: Your participating customer initiates an invoice payment through their bank.
  • Step 2: Moneris processes the payment, directing the funds into your business bank account. Funds are available within 24-48 hours. No action is required from you as the supplier.
  • Step 3: A payment notification report with invoice details is emailed to you.
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B2B Pay
Unlock a new level of efficiency with faster, safer, and more reliable B2B payments.

Why Moneris?

Moneris has been around the block when it comes to B2B payments, delivering top-quality experiences within the B2B payment automation space.

The leader in payments

As Canada’s #1 payment processor1, Moneris has a proven track record of providing our customers with forward-thinking solutions that suit their business today, and tomorrow.

The Canadian destination for Straight-Through Processing

Moneris stands out as the sole Canadian acquirer offering Straight-Through Processing, a simple and streamlined way to power your payments.

Proud partner of most Canadian commercial card brands and issuers

Moneris takes pride in our partnerships with countless Canadian card brands, ensuring that our customers have access to a range of payment solutions that work for them.

Accept most commercial card payment types your customers use.

B2B Pay makes it easy to accept commercial card payments using industry-leading payment partners, enabling secure and convenient transactions no matter the logo on the card.

Frequently Asked Questions about buyer-initiated payments

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