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Moneris Gateway. Let’s do ecommerce your way.

Moneris Gateway connects you to Canada's largest payment processor so you can accept payments directly on your website.
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Moneris Gateway. The payment gateway Canadian businesses trust.

Moneris Gateway lets you accept payments online directly from your website, powered by Canada’s number one payment processor1. Add a checkout page to your existing site, implement a custom payment gateway via an API, or connect with our sales team to discuss a custom ecommerce solution so you can start selling online today.
Person processing payments on a compute with Moneris Checkout
Moneris Checkout
Integrate secure payments into your existing website with Moneris Checkout.
Person processing payments on a compute with Moneris Checkout
Laptop displaying Moneris Online dashboard
Moneris API
Moneris API has all the features your developer needs for easy integration.
Laptop displaying Moneris Online dashboard
Person ordering items and making payments online

Why Moneris Gateway?

Moneris Gateway is the multifunctional online payment platform built for Canadian businesses. 


Get up and running quickly so you can start selling online today.


We offer PCI-compliant payment solutions for safer, smarter transactions.


Our support team is available through social media and live chat, or 24/7 by phone.


We’re Canadian born and bred and the payment partner Canadian businesses trust.

Get online and in control with Moneris fraud protection.

Smart. Secure. Simple. Solid. When it comes to online fraud prevention, your business deserves the utmost protection. From trusted and secure online payment solutions to the most robust industry tools, we’ve always got the best interests of your business at heart. Just ask the thousands of Canadians who trust our solutions to protect their business online.
Moneris Fraud Protection Image Representation
Fraud Protection Tools
Whether it’s our Moneris Kount platforms or 3-D Secure 2.0, we’ve got the kind of fraud protection that makes everyone – from your customers, to you personally – feel like they’re always in safe hands.
Moneris Fraud Protection Image Representation

The freedom to sell online your way.

Few things are more important for an online business than flexibility. As your business evolves, so should your payment processing needs – and these additional ecommerce solutions empower you to evolve just like that.
Moneris Online + UPS

Virtual Terminal

Virtual Terminal lets you process payments when your customers and their cards are not present. It’s great for mail and phone orders and offers real-time transaction processing – even for multiple users on different devices.

Virtual Terminal offers:


+ Direct connection to Moneris Gateway

+ Improved cash flow and reduced risk

+ Simple setup and 24/7 customer support

+ Reporting tools for easy tracking

Enable Virtual Terminal

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