A familiar face at checkout

Show customers that your payments are powered by the same payment provider trusted across the nation. Our merchants are welcome to use the Moneris logo on their website. Just download the zip file to get started. 


    Grab their attention

       81% of shoppers look for signs1. Show your customers all the ways they can
       pay. Consider where your customers are looking2:
  • In-Store Signage- 14%

  • Checkout Counter- 56%

  • Store Window- 42%

  • Front Door- 72%

 Get your signage kit now



Customers want choice at the checkout


That’s why Moneris makes it simple and seamless for you to offer them a wide variety of payment options.

Business owners understand that it is important to let their customers know what payment options they offer. To help you promote your payment options at your location(s) and in all your advertising and promotional materials, we’ve included links to download the appropriate card brand logos.



Our Card Brand Partners

Show customers they can use their phone


Whether for safety, security, or just convenience; more customers are using their mobile device to make payments.

You know how much your customers value having different payment options to choose from. To show that your business accepts more than just payment cards, we have links to download the appropriate digital wallet logos.


Our Digital Wallet Partners