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The Moneris Portal is a single point of access for all your Moneris digital products. Learn how to set up and manage your Moneris Portal account.

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  • The Moneris Portal is intended to be a single location from which to access all your Moneris digital products, including Merchant Direct v2 and Go Portal. Currently you must sign into each digital product separately. Once you sign into the Moneris Portal, you don’t have to sign in again to access Merchant Direct v2 and Go Portal.

  • There is no cost to you. Moneris is continuously upgrading and improving our technology to provide you with a better, more secure merchant experience.

  • When your Merchant Direct v2 or Go Portal account is ready for migration, simply follow the instructions that will have been sent to you by email. Or, follow the prompts on screen when you sign into products like Go Portal and Merchant Direct v2.

  • Yes, Moneris values the security of your information and multi-factor authentication is now a standard requirement for secure websites.

  • The migration to Moneris Portal is mandatory. Once migrated, you will no longer be able to log into Merchant Direct v2 or Go Portal directly. Instead, you will access these digital products through Moneris Portal.

  • To verify you are on the Moneris Portal login page, check the URL in your web browser. It should:

    • Start with https. This indicates a secure site.
    • Contain
  • Not at the moment. The Moneris Portal is being implemented in phases, starting with existing users of Go Portal and Merchant Direct v2. You will be notified when the Moneris Portal is available for all merchants.