Embrace Canada's journey to a cashless future.

Confidently navigate cashless transactions with Moneris, Canada's leading credit and debit card processor1.

The road to cashless transactions in Canada is paved by businesses like yours.

Canada is already a largely cashless society, and today’s small businesses are leading the shift. Every credit, debit, online, and digital wallet transaction your business accepts involves the electronic flow of money–no cash involved. With predictions of a 70% drop in cash transactions by 2030, it's crucial to be equipped with advanced mobile payment technologies and secure digital platforms. This ensures that your business is prepared and resilient for whatever the future holds.

Featured payment solutions for cashless transactions.

Moneris Go and Moneris Go Plus devices featured side by side
A selection of customized Moneris Gift Cards
Cashless Terminals
Digital Wallets
Gift Cards
From streamline and simple to all the bells and whistles, Moneris terminals support cashless transactions.
Keep customers coming back by accepting Apple Pay and Google Pay, the preferred digital wallets for Apple and Android users.
Stock up on gift cards that your customers can use in store and online, no cash necessary.

Recommended for:

Debit and credit card payments
Long-lasting battery
Wireless connectivity
Contactless payments

Recommended for:

Contactless payments
Fraud Protection
Debit and credit card payments

Recommended for:

Online payments
In-store payments
Loyalty & Retention
Holiday season
Smart watch making a purchase on a Moneris Go Plus debit machine

Advantages of cashless payments.

From enhanced security, convenience, improved customer loyalty, and increased sales, a cashless society brings many advantages. Unlock the full potential of cashless transactions with Moneris.

Secure transactions.

Mitigate the risks of theft and fraud and transact securely with biometric authentication.

Increased convenience.

Swift and effortless payments with tap-to-pay and mobile wallet solutions. 

Loyalty programs.

Contactless and mobile wallet solutions make it easy for customers to collect and redeem digital rewards. Loyalty increases, profits soar.

Omni-channel selling.

Moneris’ cashless solutions let you meet your customers wherever they shop – in-store, online, and through mobile apps.

Pioneering cashless payment solutions for a modern society.

Moneris has been serving Canadian businesses for over twenty years. Founded by two of Canada’s largest banks (RBC & BMO), our innovative solutions support businesses in all industries.

Accept the cashless cards your customers carry.

Embrace cashless customers by empowering them to pay via their wallets, watches and mobile phones.

Frequently asked questions: Cashless payments

Side by side images of the Moneris Go and Moneris Go Plus POS terminals

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