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If there’s more in store for your business, we’d love to help you make those ambitions real. And we’ve got the retail POS terminals to do just that.
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All-in-one retail POS solutions 

Whether you’re a fashion boutique, grocery store or a garden centre, every Canadian retailer needs the ability to process payments reliably and securely. Moneris’ wide range of retail POS terminals are trusted by national chains and independent retailers alike, making us a premier partner of Canadian business.

Canadian retail POS solutions backed by Canada’s most trusted payment processor

You’ll find Moneris terminals in over 325,000 business locations across the country from large retail chains including SoftMoc and Healthy Planet to smaller independent businesses like MTL DNA, a premium meat store in Montreal, and SuperKick Karate, a martial arts centre for kids in Toronto. Here’s what’s helped us become Canada’s most trusted(*3) retail payment processor:

You want to start doing business from day one, which is why everything from the shape of our terminals to the technology inside is super user-friendly. Touchscreen, cameras, all-day battery – everything about your retail POS system is made to make sense.

We offer Dynamic Currency Conversion on most Moneris retail POS terminals4, giving your customers the freedom to pay in over 140 global currencies5 and helping you make the most of every opportunity.

Whether it’s your first day doing business or you’re expanding to different locations, if you’re doing it with Moneris you’ll have a secure retail POS solution on your side from day one, equipped with industry standard fraud prevention tools you can really count on.

Make sales in-store, curbside, seaside – any side. All Moneris retail POS terminals enjoy cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity. So, if you want to get out and about with your business and accept contactless payments on the go, we’re coming with you. 

Industry-leading in-store payment solutions.

As a brick-and-mortar business owner, you know there’s nothing quite like shopping in person. And when you’ve got the chance to have those all-important human interactions with customers, you really don’t want to be worrying about the digital ones. Choosing a Moneris retail POS system provides peace of mind. We’ve been in the payment processing business for over 20 years, are backed by two of Canada’s top banks, RBC and BMO, and we’re constantly innovating to make sure our payments solutions meet the needs of today’s retailers.
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Let’s get growing. 

Order your retail POS system today and we can have you up and running by tomorrow, thanks to our easy setup process.

So user-friendly. 

Everyone handles your POS – from your customers to staff and back to you – so we’ve designed everything to be user-friendly.

Reporting for duty. 

Our retail terminals don’t just help make you sales in the moment – with business insights, reporting and at least 12 months of online and in-store data at your fingertips, they can help you boost future sales too.

Looking to sell online? Moneris Online is here to help.

When it comes to selling online, it takes so much more than just a checkout. Making your business a real digital destination means crafting and creating a website that helps customers easily add items to their cart and buy online, all while bringing your brand to life visually. Moneris Online is our all-in-one ecommerce solution to getting your business selling online sooner.
Explore Moneris Online
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Why Moneris Online?

We offer customer support all-day every day – and not just for the super technical stuff. Our website creation packages offer up to 8 hours of site design support, absolutely free2.


There’s a whole lot to do when running the online arm of your business. That’s why a Moneris online store helps you schedule deliveries, curbside pickups, reservations and appointments.


It almost goes without saying, but as Canada’s most trusted payment processor3, we accept debit, credit, Apple Pay®, Google Pay® and more.


Moneris Online customers enjoy preferred UPS® shipping rates to help you ship those sales and save.


With Moneris Kount® Essential and 3-D Secure fraud prevention on your side, not to mention SSL security certification, we don’t take any chances when it comes to your online store security.


There’s more to an online store than a pretty site. Better understand you customers’ online shopping behaviour and trends with easy-to-understand reports on performance and site activity ready to review in just a click or two.


The Moneris Retail Bundle. Get set up to sell online and in store today.

As a business owner, you’ve got no time for downtime. So, we’ve put together a package with everything you need to get up and running as soon as possible. Meet the Moneris Retail Bundle.
Let's Bundle Up
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Why Bundle?

Along with the retail POS terminal and software plan that makes the most sense for your business, the Moneris Retail Bundle also comes with a cash drawer, iPad® and stand, and more. And once it’s all unboxed and set up, you’ll be ready to enjoy:

Monitor product levels and transfer inventory between stores in-app so you're never low on stock.

Understand your ongoing sales performance when you track by payment type, product, and more.

Easily schedule and manage your staff with reports on peak hours and employee sales.

Accept payment by credit, debit, gift cards and Apple Pay®.

Understand your business with payment, inventory and transactions reports, available 24/7.

Gather customer insights to offer personalized experiences and build customer loyalty.

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