Restaurant POS terminals and online ordering solutions. 

Every business owner in the food service industry should have a place at the table for trusted restaurant point of sale and online ordering solutions.

Moneris restaurant POS systems are the perfect pairing for your restaurant.

From silver service restaurants to takeaway trucks, business owners in the food industry know it’s all about the experience. If you’re looking for a payment terminal, online ordering solution or ecommerce website that delivers, there’s a Moneris solution that will work seamlessly for you—whether your customers are ordering on-site, curbside, or online. 

Featured restaurant payment processing solutions

Featured restaurant payment processing solutions

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Moneris Kiosk Powered by UEAT Samsung Self-Checkout Kiosk - Floor Standing Installation Type
Moneris Go Plus
Moneris Kiosk powered by UEAT
Our smartest, fastest point of sale solution built for modern restaurants.
The all-in-one restaurant online ordering platform for takeout, delivery and more.
Explore best-in-class reliability wrapped in a modern design to make self-ordering a reality for your restaurant.

Product recommended for:

Banquet Services
Food Delivery
Food Trucks
Gourmet Food Stores
Ice Cream Parlours
Snack Bars
Food Kiosks
And more

Product recommended for:

Independent Restaurants
Digital Brands
Ghost Kitchens
Mall Restaurants
Food Courts
And more

Product recommended for:

Quick Serve Restaurants
Ice Cream Parlours
Independent Restaurants
Snack Bars
Food Kiosks

Reviews from Canadian restaurants

  • "Thanks to UEAT, our ticket size has jumped by over 60-70%. And we’ve been able to reduce incoming calls for takeout orders from 200 to 300 a just 20 a day." 

    Shraey G.

    Owner, Tandoori Flame

  • "Having the reporting available on all of our devices throughout the restaurant makes it especially convenient for us to quickly gage how the restaurant is performing on any given day."

    Rosemary Woods

    Co-Founder & Co-Owner, Funky Chow Kitchen

  • They were the perfect fit for us when we started up. Their customer service was beyond superb and their service was prompt. Their sales rep was on spot, walked us through the machines and we've been with them since and happy to be with them.

    Michael Perkins

    Owner, Starapples restaurant

  • "We reached 1 million in sales in less than 3 years. UEAT modernized how people order pizza. Now, it doesn’t matter where the online orders are coming from. Whether it’s from delivery services or even Google, all the orders are sent to the same printer. UEAT HUB really takes the headache out of receiving and tracking orders."

    Simon Verville

    Co-founder, Phil & Fred Pizzeria

  • "Shortly after onboarding with Moneris, we had confidence that our payment provider would be reliable. Every dollar counts with a small business and switching to Moneris was clearly the right choice to prevent us from unnecessarily losing money."

    Kathryn McKinney

    General Manager at Studio Brewing

Meet the missing ingredient to your online ordering success

The food service industry has changed dramatically over the last few years. With the marketplace seeing a huge shift from appetizers to apps, takeout isn’t just for fast food outlets anymore. If you’re looking to add online ordering to your menu, UEAT seamlessly integrates with your Moneris POS to deliver online ordering for delivery, curbside pickup, takeout and tableside ordering.
Explore online ordering

Moneris restaurant POS solutions are the perfect pairing for your restaurant.

Every second counts when you’ve got hungry mouths to feed – that’s why we're committed to getting you set up and ready to sell food in a flash.

Service help 24/7

From troubleshooting to tech tips, our dedicated support team is is available through social media and live chat, or 24/7 by phone.

Feel more secure

Whether it’s fraud prevention or protecting customer data, you’re in safe hands with our PCI compliant payment solutions.

Canadians helping Canadians

We’re a Canadian company, built here from the ground up, and we’re proud to process payments for food services like yours.

Our restaurant partnerships and software integrations make this a real dinner party.

We’re delighted to have joined forces with some of the biggest, smartest names in food industry and restaurant management technology.

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