A Moneris Field Services representative helps out a store owner on location.

Get the support you need, when you need it with Moneris Field Services.

On the phone, online or on-site, we're always on the move with the installation and maintenance support to get your business set up and running smoothly.

Industry leading end-to-end service and support

At Moneris Field Services, our products and offerings are designed to help streamline merchants’ point-of-sales operations. We make sure your payment and non-payment hardware and software are installed and maintained to your specifications and needs, so you can focus on what’s most important: your business.



Our Offerings

  • Staging and deployment

    We are here to help you facilitate everything from planning in-store layouts to assembling full payment solutions. We prepare for optimal on-site implementation by setting up and testing all hardware and software in our controlled environment prior to delivery.
  • Equipment and POS software installation and support

    Our team of technicians deliver installation and on-site upgrade services for equipment, POS software and operating systems across Canada. We support the installation of both payment and non-payment POS equipment and the installation of any new operating systems or upgrades so your software is always up-to-date.
  • Rollouts and project implementation

    Through our standardized project management approach, we strive for excellence and transparency for all roll-outs. This ensures quality, efficiency, and accuracy across multiple locations.
  • Warehousing, transportation and logistics

    We provide Canada-wide support for warehousing, inventory management, and additional service options like kitting and reverse logistics.
  • Equipment maintenance

    Whether your equipment is at the end of its life cycle or is in need of repairs, we will help you plan ahead and support you every step of the way through reporting, warranty coordination, repair and disposal.
  • Lottery and gaming

    With security as our top priority, we support provincial lottery and gaming industries with staging, repair, installation, technical engineering, physical game testing - physical or online, translation, and logistics.
  1. We help streamline your business with one point of contact.

  2. We offer flexible scheduling and on-site support and training.

  3. We have 200+ technicians and partners across Canada.

  4. We have over 24 years of expertise.

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