Gift Card Offerings

Three programs designed to help you grow your business

Whether your customer wants the perfect gift or a little extra incentive, Moneris has a solution that works for any sized business.



Tailored gift cards for your business

The Moneris Gift Card Program allows your large or small business to sell custom gift cards. From “Happy Birthday!” to “Just Because”, your business can offer the perfect gift for any occasion, all while boosting your sales.



Gift card set-up and design

Need design help? Find the advice you’re looking for

How gift cards work

  1. Step 1

    Gift cards are activated using your existing Moneris POS terminal.

  2. Step 2

    Gift cards are processed in a similar way to a debit or credit card.

  3. Step 3

    The funds are added to the card and remain there until completely used.

The bells and whistles

  • Customize your cards

    Create your own custom design or choose from one of our unique card designs. Or if you need design assistance, just call us.
  • Small order quantities

    Minimum order of only 200 allows your large or small business to benefit from customized gift cards.
  • Fast delivery

    Get your custom designed gift cards within 1 week*.
  • Simple and seamless

    Works on your existing Moneris POS terminal, so you don’t have to add any equipment.

Branded eGift cards for your business

The Moneris eGift Card Program allows your business, whether big or small, to sell electronic gift cards on its website. The cards are customizable, instantly accessible, and a great way to increase revenue while giving your online shoppers a convenient way to pay.

eGift Program guide

Download the eGift Program guide

The bells and whistles

  • Customize your eGift cards

    It’s easy to create design options for your customers to choose from. Simply use your own artwork, or build one using our design software.
  • Simple and seamless

    Easily integrate selling eGift cards on your website, and accepting them on your Moneris POS.
  • Instant delivery

    Your customers can choose how they want their cards delivered, through email or text.
  • Always on hand

    Mobile compatibility and Apple Wallet integration lets your customers carry eGift cards wherever they go via their mobile device.
  • Track performance

    Keep tabs on your eGift card sales with our order queue and safeguard against fraud.
  • Manage with ease

    With access to our online portal, your admin, reports, and eGift card insights are just a click away.

Custom Promo Cards for your business

Whether you want to drive traffic during slow periods or encourage repeat business, the Moneris Promotional Gift Card Program (Promo Cards) enables any sized business to run measurable promotions using coupon-like gift cards that can be customized for your special promotional offer.

Promo Cards can help you increase:

  • In-store traffic

  • Online traffic or purchases

  • Repeat customers

  • Customer email opt-ins

The bells and whistles

  • Custom promotions

    Whatever your business objective, you can customize your promotion to help you solve it.
  • Time controlled

    Promo Cards are set with an expiry date, so you have better control by specifying when your promotion starts and ends.
  • Comprehensive reporting

    Access to our web-based reporting portal gives you a better understanding of how your promotions performed.
  • Trial-sized quantities

    Whether you need a large quantity of Promo Cards, or simply want to run a test, you can order as few as 50 cards.
  • Simple and seamless

    Moneris Promo Cards work on your existing Moneris POS terminal, so you don’t have to add any equipment.
  • Fast delivery

    Once you’ve placed your order, you’ll receive your Promo Card delivery within one week*.

Promo Card Designs

Choose from our selection of card designs or create your own from scratch.

Success stories

eGift Program guide

Download the eGift Program guide

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