Supplier enablement service

Maximize the benefits of your virtual credit card program by letting us help you onboard suppliers.

Is your virtual card program underutilized?

Convincing your suppliers about the benefits of virtual credit card acceptance can be difficult and time-consuming, which is why we offer a free service to do the work for you. Increase your working capital by letting us help you onboard suppliers using our proven methodology that ensures a seamless process every time. The more suppliers you have on your virtual card program, the easier to reconcile expenses, control costs and improve cash flow. Speak to an expert now

Benefits of our specialized service

Appropriate suppliers targeted

Accounts payable (AP) file analytics and supplier segmentation help narrow down those who would most benefit from commercial card acceptance. Moneris specialists then connect directly with your suppliers to explain the advantages and help get them started.

High conversion with straight-through processing (STP)

A key driver of supplier conversion is straight-through processing (STP), which makes receiving payments effortless, quick and secure. Over 90% of suppliers are onboarded to this solution.

Transparent progress reports

Your designated account manager will compile weekly progress reports to keep you up to date on which of your suppliers have been contacted and are being onboarded.

Compatible with major commercial card issuers

Moneris is an active partner of most Canadian commercial card issuers. Overall, Moneris delivers a top-quality experience in B2B payment automation.

Supplier enablement process

Our proven methodology is based on three pillars:
Moneris B2B Supplier Enablement service image shows an employee chatting with another colleague while analyzing data on a laptop screen.


Identify the best suppliers to target

Moneris B2B Supplier Enablement service image shows a female employee presenting an analysis on data displayed on a screen.


Develop strong value proposition for commercial card acceptance

Moneris B2B Supplier Enablement service image shows two colleagues sitting together and analyzing data on a laptop screen.


Utilize specialized B2B sales experts to engage your suppliers

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