Payment processing for the public sector made secure and simple.

Discover trusted payment solutions designed for federal, provincial and municipal organizations. Find the one that’s right for your organization!

Government payment solutions that hit the mark.

Whether you’re responsible for a government service, educational institution or healthcare facility, having the right public sector payment solutions can help enhance the overall remittance process, making it quicker, easier and more secure for everyone.
Leading smooth transactions across the public sector.
The public sector is critical to our economy and the well-being of Canadians. Without you, no schools, hospitals, roads or emergency services would exist. Thank you for all the essential services you provide across the country.

Moneris is proud to offer trusted payment processing solutions to government-operated organizations nationwide responsible for:

Emergency services
Fire Services
Gas and Oil
Law Enforcement
Lottery and Gaming
Natural Resources
Police Services
Postal Service
Social Services
Waste Management

Why choose Moneris?

Make collecting payments stress-free and convenient with the perfect tools.

Wireless transactions.

All Moneris POS terminals include cellular and wireless connectivity, allowing you to conveniently collect payments from just about anywhere.

Real-time reports.

Understand your organization with payment and transaction reports, available anytime.

Fraud protection.

Moneris POS solutions include anti-fraud safeguards, like Moneris Kount® Essential, 3-D Secure 2.0 and SSL security certification.

24/7 support.

Serving hundreds of people daily leaves little time for problem-solving, so we provide live customer assistance to help get you back to speed.

Featured public sector payment solutions.

Side by side images of the Moneris Go and Moneris Go Plus POS terminals
A public sector website on a laptop
Public Sector payments data on a tablet
All-in-one terminals
Moneris Gateway
Data Services
Everything you’re looking for in a device right out of the box. The effortless setup makes transitioning to Moneris a breeze.
You can quickly and securely accept and process payments through your website using Moneris Gateway, a comprehensive online payment solution hosted by Moneris.
Gain helpful insight into consumer behaviour that will enable you to make more strategic decisions and create better policies for your organization. Enjoy a more accessible way to monitor your social and economic impact

Payment Processing for Public Sector - Frequently Asked Questions

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Government payment solutions that offer more ways to pay.

Together with our partners, we aim to create a more streamlined payments ecosystem across the public sector.

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