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The do-it-all POS machines you’ve been looking for.

For all your payment processing needs, Moneris offers modern POS machines built for Canadian businesses large and small.

POS terminals made for Canadians, by Canadians.

Looking for Canada's best pos machines? We’re proud to be point-of-sale partners in over 325,000 Canadian merchant locations across the country and counting.

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Moneris Go payment processing terminal
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Moneris Go Plus
Moneris Go
Moneris Core POS Machines
Fast and fully-loaded, this feature-packed POS machine is first in its class.
Our classic, cost-effective POS machine, Moneris Go.
The original POS machines used by businesses from coast to coast.

Recommended for:

In-store payments
Contactless payments
Inventory management
Grocery stores
Furniture shops
Large-scale chains
Tech retailers

Recommended for:

In-store payments
Contactless payments
Inventory management
Clothing stores
Coffee shops
Fitness studios

Product recommended for:

In store
Professional Services
Coffee shops
Food Courts
Grocery stores
Clothing stores
Large-scale chains

Moneris POS machine reviews:

  • "There was no question about which payment processor I would choose. I knew Moneris would be there to educate me and was the perfect fit for my business needs. I have had no regrets. Moneris Go has made it convenient for my customers to easily purchase products wherever I am."
    Moneris Review - Ankush Raina, Founder, Matriarch

    Ankush Raina

    Founder, Matriarch

  • "Not only does the device have a sleek design that perfectly fits in with the aesthetic of the barbershops, it’s highly functional with an all-day battery life."

    Hussam Hassan

    Co-Founder, Men Zone Holding Inc.

  • "When using Moneris Go, one word comes to mind and that is ‘easy.’ Features such as the LED touch screen and the all-day battery make it a stress-free and inclusive payment solution to grab and bring to the market."
    Moneris Review: Keira Hindle, Founder & Owner of  Valley Lifestyle

    Keira Hindle

    Founder & Owner, Valley Lifestyle

  • "I needed a quick and easy way for our clients to make in-person credit card payments. And now that I was more familiar with Moneris, I just needed to see what solutions were available. I opted for Moneris Go."

    Khasan Aripov

    Founder, StylePhotos

  • "On top of Moneris being a payment solution, we can always count on our sales representative to explain everything to us in great detail. She came into the salon to help me with the set-up to ensure the onboarding process was flawless."

    Michelle Tran

    Founder & Owner of Meraki Beauty Bar

  • "When other payment companies ask me to switch, my immediate answer is no because I am confident no business can compete with the solutions and services I receive from Moneris."  
    Moneris Review from Paula Godden, Founder of The Pirate + The Gypsy

    Paula Godden

    Founder, The Pirate + The Gypsy

Dynamic Currency Conversion

Make the world of difference to your customers and let them pay in their preferred international currency.


Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) is a secure feature that’s available on most Moneris terminals and gives international customers the freedom to pay in over 140 global currencies. So at least when it comes to the transaction, you’ll be talking the same language.


  • Open your business to global shoppers
  • On-the-spot currency conversion
  • Up to 1% revenue share opportunity
Show me DCC
Person holding debit machine for person to tap credit card

Grow your business with additional products compatible with Moneris POS machines.

A selection of customized Moneris Gift Cards
Moneris Receipt Paper Rolls
Moneris Online payment processing platform displayed on laptop
Moneris Gift Card Program
Debit Machine Paper Rolls
Moneris Online
Business might be sweet, but offering upgrades like gift cards that your customers can use in store and online is the cherry on top.
Stay stocked up with easy online ordering for debit machine paper rolls and more.
Our all-in-one ecommerce platform, Moneris Online is ready to help you bring your business to life online and start processing those payments today.

Accept the cards your customers carry.

From debit to credit and digital wallets, Moneris POS terminals accept payments from Canada’s most trusted providers so your customers can checkout with the card and company they know best.

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