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Moneris Flat Rate Pricing

Moneris Flat Rate Pricing is perfect for fast-growing start-ups or small businesses looking for a flat transaction rate that's affordable and easy to understand.

Flat Rate Pricing applies to both in-person and online payments.
Accept in-person or card-present payments with a POS terminal or card reader.
2.65% + $0.10
Per successful credit card transaction
Interac Debit®: $0.10 per successful debit transaction
Accept online or card-not-present payments that are made online or by phone.
2.85% + $0.30
Per successful credit card transaction
Interac Debit®: $1.00 per successful debit transaction

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Moneris Simplified Pricing

Moneris Simplified Pricing is ideal for medium to large-scale businesses in the process of expanding their market scope and looking for custom solutions.

Moneris Simplified Pricing packages are designed for those with high-volume transactions or unique business models who can benefit from more flexible products and services. Moneris processing fees are dependent on the number of transactions made per month. Discounts are available to those investing in multiple solutions and with higher sales volumes.

There are three types of fees charged for credit and debit card transactions under Simplified Pricing:
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Interchange is the amount payment providers, like Moneris, are required to pay the credit/debit card issuer and/or financial institution per transaction processed by the merchant.

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Network Assessment Fee

A network assessment fee is the amount payment providers, like Moneris, are required to pay the card brands for each credit/debit card transaction processed by the merchant.

A mobile transaction being processed on a Moneris Go device

Transaction Fee

The transaction fee is the amount Moneris charges for providing 24/7 customer service, comprehensive reports, settlement, clearing and credit/debit card processing.

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"How does Moneris help us with business? It's easy to use. There are no hidden fees. The customer service is honestly excellent."

Boris Dourkin

Dentist, Venice Dental

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We take pride in supporting the growth of Canadian businesses by offering payment processing options with the following benefits:

Easy setup & 24/7 support.

Enjoy a quick, hassle-free setup with on-site training from our Moneris Field Services team. Plus, connect with a live customer service agent whenever you need assistance.

Transparent & competitive pricing.

Know all Moneris fees upfront so you never have to shift your focus away from important aspects of your business. Enjoy integrated or custom solutions with unbeatable value-adds. 

Next-day payday.

We work with BMO and RBC to get you access to your funds sooner. Make a deposit and see the balance in your account the very next day – even if it’s not a business day.

Advanced Security.

Gain tools designed to prevent fraud in real time. For example, avoid fraud-related chargebacks with a two-step authentication process that not only verifies the credit or debit card details, but also the identity of the cardholder. 

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