Treat your customers to easy online ordering for restaurants.

With online ordering by UEAT®, get up and running fast on a platform that’s as simple to use for you, as it is for your customers.

Online ordering that serves you.

Your plate's already full with running your restaurant. So, let online ordering from UEAT help manage the digital demands of your customers. It's fast to setup, consolidates all your delivery requests, and makes ordering easy for your customers in 3 simple steps.
The all-in-one restaurant online ordering platform for takeout, delivery and more.

Product recommended for:

Independent Restaurants
Digital Brands
Ghost Kitchens
Mall Restaurants
Food Courts
And more

Why is online ordering by UEAT right for your restaurant?

Swiftly start serving.

Start taking online orders right away thanks to a quick setup by our team of experts on your website or app.

Organize your orders.

No more manually managing multiple platforms! Get all your online orders sent to your POS and KDS solutions thanks to the UEAT Hub!

Enjoy first class delivery.

Easily get your food to your customers by integrating with delivery partners like DoorDash and other popular third-party fleets.

Optimize your menu.

Deliver updates to all your menus, on all your online ordering platforms, thanks to simplified menu management.

Encourage repeat customers.

Keep your customers coming back by using readily available customer data to offer targeted promotions, loyalty programs and event invites.

Get support 24/7.

Your restaurant never stops running, so keep cooking with help and advice from real people in real time, all day, every day.

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Frequently asked questions

Moneris online ordering reviews

  • "Thanks to UEAT, our ticket size has jumped by over 60-70%. And we’ve been able to reduce incoming calls for takeout orders from 200 to 300 a just 20 a day." 

    Shraey G.

    Owner, Tandoori Flame

  • "We reached 1 million in sales in less than 3 years. UEAT modernized how people order pizza. Now, it doesn’t matter where the online orders are coming from. Whether it’s from delivery services or even Google, all the orders are sent to the same printer. UEAT HUB really takes the headache out of receiving and tracking orders."

    Simon Verville

    Co-founder, Phil & Fred Pizzeria

  • "Shortly after onboarding with Moneris, we had confidence that our payment provider would be reliable. Every dollar counts with a small business and switching to Moneris was clearly the right choice to prevent us from unnecessarily losing money."

    Kathryn McKinney

    General Manager at Studio Brewing

  • "Having the reporting available on all of our devices throughout the restaurant makes it especially convenient for us to quickly gage how the restaurant is performing on any given day."

    Rosemary Woods

    Co-Founder & Co-Owner, Funky Chow Kitchen

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