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Consumer spending and location data equips you with the insights required to make more data driven business decisions. Understand the role consumer behaviour data can play in optimizing your business strategy.

Data solutions that help empower your business.

As Canada’s largest payment processor1, we harness real-time consumer data that considers billions of transactions received across all types of merchants, industries, card brands, and geographic areas. Ask about our custom data solutions today.

Our data is used by both public and private sector clients to not only make smarter policy and business decisions, but to also monitor their impact.

Moneris Data Services gives you access to comprehensive insights on consumer behaviour trends at a national, provincial, or local level, and provides a look at where your customers live and where they like to spend.

Moneris Data Services

Tailor your marketing strategies and optimize your spend by understanding where your customers live and shop.

Accelerate your potential by learning how your business stacks up against other competitors in your industry.

Inform economic policy and recovery by looking at consumer spending across different industries and regions in Canada.

Influence your businesses’ future growth plans by understanding consumer behaviour at each store location.

Uncover key insights to attract local, domestic, and international tourists by accessing travel-related spend data.

Consumer Spending Data

Moneris consumer spending data provides high frequency insights into the purchasing behaviour of Canadian Consumers. Our timely data is empowering both private and public sector clients to inform research studies and forecasting models, as well as make better policy decisions and monitor the subsequent economic impact of consumer buying behaviour. Learn more about our custom solutions.

Consumer Spending Data enables you to:

  • Measure the impact of spending in various regions/industries on the economy.
  • Monitor the economic impact of rapidly evolving events such as the global pandemic.
  • Measure the economic impact of specific projects or events.
  • Obtain insights on where foreign tourists are arriving from and their purchasing behaviour in Canada.
  • Assess your organization’s performance against that of the competition.
  • Make better strategic and business policy decisions.
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Consumer Location Data

Understanding where customers live and spend is a useful tool for any business. We capture a number of data points on each transaction. When this data is analyzed on an aggregate level among billions of transactions, you can uncover valuable and actionable insights for your business. This data can be provided on a citywide level all the way down to FSA or individual store location. Request a demo or custom report today.

  • Optimize your digital marketing strategy.
  • Improve geo-targeting for direct mail and out-of-home ads.
  • Inform your business’ future growth plans.
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Tourism Data

Countries and tourism organizations across the world tend to focus on international tourism, due to the revenue earned through foreign travelers. Governments and municipalities can also use domestic tourism data as a tool to upgrade infrastructure and alleviate pressure from overcrowding. Domestic travel data can also help businesses understand seasonality within regions and build tactics to disperse tourists to less visited areas. Learn more about our Custom Solutions.

Domestic Tourism Patterns

More recently, there has been a lot of interest in understanding the domestic tourism patterns and spends, including:

Travel within a province (i.e. City to Rural).

Travel distance to shopping destinations (example, travel to a restaurant or shopping malls).

Shifts over time in travel to and from municipalities.

Foreign Travel Spend Trends

Marketers look at domestic tourism to provide marketing campaigns to consumers in specific geographical areas. Companies can evaluate opportunities in different locations to understand where to expand their business and attract local residents and other tourists.

In terms of analyzing spend from foreign travel, our data can help illustrate:

  • What foreign travelers spend on when they travel to Canada (e.g., Tourist attractions vs. apparel etc.) based on their country of origin.
  • Which months have a peak in foreign travel for specific regions and which countries are most likely to travel during those times.
  • The difference in foreign spend among different industries across countries.
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Economic Trend Data

Consumer behaviour spending data can help businesses and regional governmental organizations anticipate the impacts of future disruptions and support response plans and efforts towards economic recovery.

Municipalities, provinces, and Canadian businesses are using consumer spending data to target tourism marketing, identify opportunities for new business developments and understand consumer sectoral spending changes. This allows governments and associations to gain key insights enabling policy makers and business owners to make smarter, more data-driven decisions. Contact us for a Custom Request.

Economic Trend Data Benefits

Validate the regional prediction of a significant jump in spending due to an event or seasonality.

Help cities understand business opportunities and potential markets for tourism and promotion.

Reveal geographic sources of spending outside the community with levels lower than anticipated.

Assess consumer spending changes and unexpected trends in different business sectors based on spend and origin.

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Learn more about the value of leveraging Moneris Data Services for your business:

Get a firsthand look at our data in action and how it can benefit your business in our consumer behaviour webinar.

Understand how our clients are actioning consumer insights through our client use cases and interviews.

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  • The data Moneris provides gives us a deeper understanding of buying behaviour and where consumers live in relation to the stores and therefore allows Healthy Planet to tailor the products and services offered to the specific needs of the customer.

    Syed Rizvi

    Director of Sales & Marketing at Healthy Planet

  • There are so many metrics to measure economic recovery against, but when it comes to timely, relevant data, we found no better indicator than consumer spending – and no better partner than Moneris to provide it.

    Marcy Burchfield

    Vice President, Economic Blueprint Institute, Toronto Region Board of Trade

  • The City was seeking consumer location and spending data to help them gain greater insights surrounding the impact of the pandemic and reached out to Moneris to help fill the gap.

    Kevin Dekok

    Economic Development Officer, City of Brantford

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