[A Step-by-Step Guide] Tipping on Tap-and-Go Contactless Payment Technology

[A Step-by-Step Guide] Tipping on Tap-and-Go Contactless Payment Technology

October 03, 2016 Calculating time...

Here's a step-by-step guide for restaurants who need to learn how tipping on contactless payment terminals works.


Step 1

Wait staff enters the total amount of the purchase.

Step 2

The customer is prompted to press “Ok” to proceed with the purchase.

Step 3

Customer presses “Ok” to agree to the purchase total.

Step 4

Customer is asked if they would like to add a tip to the total purchase amount.

Step 5  Basic Model

Customer is prompted to enter the desired tip amount using the number pad.

Step 5 – Enhanced Model:

Customer is prompted to select from provided tip values (percentage and value) or to select “Other” to manually enter tip.

Step 6

The pay terminal updates the purchase total to include the chosen tip amount and prompts the customer to approve the total by pressing “Ok.”

Step 7

To begin a contactless payment, the customer must first tap or wave their preferred payment method near the pay terminal.

Step 8

The customer is then prompted to return the pay terminal to the wait staff/clerk/merchant to enter the purchase amount.

Step 9

Upon approval, the transaction confirmation number and “Approved” is shown on the screen and the receipt is printed.


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