The Moneris Merchant Scoop: The Conference Board of Canada

The Moneris Merchant Scoop: The Conference Board of Canada

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The Moneris® Merchant Scoop Series highlights Canadian businesses thriving amidst an ever-changing landscape. Featuring exclusive interviews, learn more about the entrepreneurs behind the scenes, their stories of how they got their businesses off the ground, what it really takes to achieve success, and what the next steps could look like for a resilient future.



About The Conference Board of Canada


The Conference Board of Canada has provided trusted research to inform solutions to the country’s toughest problems for 70 years now, so leaders can make decisions based on evidence, helping to build a stronger future.


With comprehensive research and unparalleled connections in the industry, The Conference Board delivers unique insights to clients and to all Canadians helping them solve Canada’s pressing problems.


Why Moneris®?


As a leader in the Canadian economic landscape, one of The Conference Board’s newest reports is the Index of Consumer Spending, which tracks changes in consumer spending activity. The Index of Consumer Spending is powered by Moneris Consumer Spending data. 


“As a trusted voice and an economic powerhouse, our analyses support informed decision-making – helping to shape a stronger future. The launch of our new Index of Consumer Spending, powered by Moneris, is a robust addition to our comprehensive lineup of economic resources,” says Sohaib Shahid, Director of Economic Innovation, at The Conference Board.


Using Moneris’ exclusive consumer spending data and insights from point-of-sales activity, The Conference Board built the Index of Consumer Spending, which tracks weekly year-over-year changes in consumer spending to gauge economic activity in Canada and its provinces. 


“Moneris had the data we were looking for. Data that are of high frequency and high quality. So, we created an index using that data and produced that in the form of the Index of Consumer Spending,” added Sohaib Shahid.


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Looking ahead


From a partnership perspective, Shahid and his team have found a lot of value in Moneris’ work in the consumer data space and are looking forward to what’s next. “We’re very happy to have a strong, healthy, ‘win-win’ partnership with Moneris and we’re open to exploring ways to deepen our work together moving forward,” he said.


To learn more about The Conference Board of Canada and their partnership with Moneris, click here.


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