The Moneris Merchant Scoop: Dope as Duck

The Moneris Merchant Scoop: Dope as Duck

June 14, 2022

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When Raymond Costain talks about the life that led him to owning and operating Dope as Duck in Etobicoke, ON, he glowingly reflects. “As a young boy, I was fascinated by my mom and grandmother putting their hands to work in the kitchen. Their drive to make a meal with any resources they had and my memories of savouring each bite at the table is what inspired me to start my business.”

Dope As Duck is a popular takeout destination and food truck Costain operates with the help of his son. The restaurant is famous for its ‘comfort food’ and has made appearances at food festivals in Toronto, Montreal and Nova Scotia. Over 15 years of experience was brought to the table before opening Dope As Duck.

Costain did not consider owning a restaurant until he enrolled in Humber College in Toronto, to update his skills and took three programs focusing on culinary training. His education helped him to move from being a line cook to chef. Before opening his own restaurant, he travelled to Italy where he worked as a chef at a 5-star Hotel with a 2-star Michelin rating. When he broadened his knowledge of the culinary sector, he knew it was time to take the leap and utilize his experience to create his own recipes and shape a business.

When deciding on recipes for the restaurant, Costain wanted to include some of his favourite dishes created by his grandmother such as her special Duck Mac N Cheese. In addition to the Mac N Cheese, Costain and his son make other in-house dishes including sandwiches, tacos, pulled pork and beef brisket. They also offer sweet treats, including donuts and churros.

Dope As Duck

Why Moneris?

Costain has been using Moneris Go since 2020. “With the onset of the pandemic, I knew that choosing a secure solution that also supported contactless payments was critical and that’s why I settled on Moneris Go.” In addition, a large touchscreen presents the clean and comprehensive interface. Moneris Go offers features like cashback, which will be especially useful for customers who are at festivals.

“As my son and I are running all aspects of the restaurant ourselves, it was important to find a solution that had a simple setup process and one that we could rely on. Moneris Go has proven to be just that. The device was reconfigured before being sent to us and we completed our registration online. An added bonus is that if we have any questions or concerns, representatives are a phone call away from addressing them.”

Looking Forward

Costain looks at the future of his business with optimism. “When I look back to the day we opened the food truck, I am grateful for how far my son and I have come. At the beginning of this journey with my son, he was simply helping me out and now he is becoming interested in pursuing a career in the restaurant industry. That brings me an abundance of joy.”


To learn more about the story of Dope As Duck and their experience with Moneris, click here.

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