Four Fabulous Cafes to Visit This National Croissant Day

Four Fabulous Cafes to Visit This National Croissant Day

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Since the early 2000s, the buttery, flaky, crescent shaped pastries we know as croissants are celebrated annually on January 30th. Its origins are often debated, with some claiming that the first croissants were introduced by Austria in the late 1600s, others consider it to have come from France, and others have their own theories entirely. 


What we can all agree on is that croissants have been enjoyed and celebrated around the world for many years. They have taken on a variety of unique iterations as bakers have experimented with different flavours, textures, techniques, and recipes. Today, it’s a staple menu item for many cafes and restaurants for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. 


In celebration of National Croissant Day, check out four Canadian bakeries, and long-time Moneris merchants, that are putting their own twist on the beloved pastry. 


Angus T Bakery, Vancouver, British Columbia 


Four Fabulous Cafes to Visit This National Croissant Day

At Angus T Bakery, their vast selection of pastries is hand-crafted in-house, every day. Using fresh quality ingredients sourced locally from Vancouver and overseas in Europe, their bakers focus on traditional methods, with no shortcuts in the process. But they’re not afraid to push their creative boundaries with flavours and textures, offering unique menu items like the Balsamic Onion Jam & Bacon croissant or the red bean cinnamon bun.

Patisserie 27, Toronto, Ontario

Four Fabulous Cafes to Visit This National Croissant Day

Just north of the Bloor West Village in Toronto, tucked into a small neighborhood on Jane Street alongside other local restaurants and shops, you’ll find the French bakery Patisserie 27. The shop is known for offering classic French treats like tarts, macarons, eclairs, croissants, French breads, and other baked goods. Owners Walter Sallese and Azumi Kimura have managed the shop for over 10 years. 

Footo Croissant, Vancouver, British Columbia

Four Fabulous Cafes to Visit This National Croissant Day

Footo (pronounced Fu-toh) Croissant is a local Vancouver company that specializes in ‘Fresh Out Of The Oven’ (F.O.O.T.O) plain and filled croissants. Their menu offers over 10 choices of croissant sandwiches, breakfast foods, cold and hot beverages, and espresso drinks. The shop’s artisan croissants are made on-site and from scratch every day using only fresh, natural ingredients and fresh yeast. They are committed to not using any food colouring, chemicals, or shortenings on their menu. 

Café Con Leche Espresso Bar, Toronto, Ontario

Four Fabulous Cafes to Visit This National Croissant Day

Café Con Leche is a family-run café owned by Sandra and Carlos Flores. The shop is located in Toronto’s Junction Triangle neighbourhood and specializes in traditional espresso and Spanish coffee. The idea for the café started back in 2012, when Sandra and Carlos decided to purchase and renovate an old laundromat that was in rough shape. Although coffee is their specialty, the duo also works with bakers outside of the shop, who agree to sell some of their baked goods at the café – including one of Sandra’s favourites, the almond croissant. 


Celebrate National Croissant Day by trying your hand at baking one at home or visiting one of the bakeries around you. Whether you like your croissant with hazelnut spread or strawberries, relish the unparalleled pleasure of biting into a flaky, buttery croissant.


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