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Apple Pay product
Be ready to accept payments in-app or on the web with Apple Pay®, the latest technology innovation for mobile transactions. It’s a fast, effortless payment process that requires just a single touch. Apple Pay® uses tokens to securely process transactions so no credit or debit card data is stored by merchants.
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Moneris offers everything you need to get going

  1. Simple Integration

    Easy integration with our SDK

  2. Developer Portal

    Everything you need to quickly set up Apple Pay®

Visit our developer portal for the Apple Pay® API documentation and to download the SDK

Developer PortalVisit our Developer Portal

The many benefits of Apple Pay®

  1. Secure

    Customer data is fully encrypted through tokenization so no personal information is stored by the merchant.

  2. Faster Checkout

    No need for manual entry of card or shipping details adds to a convenient, seamless consumer experience.

  3. Attract New Customers

    Offer the latest payment technology that many customers already have on their smartphone.

  4. Reduce Fraud

    Every transaction requires Touch ID (fingerprint identity sensor) authentication.

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