Tap into more sales by accepting Apple Pay. 

Enjoy secure payments from the only digital wallet on Apple devices. 

Keep customers coming your way with Apple Pay.

Give your shoppers a reason to return – again and again – by accepting Apple Pay, the preferred way to pay on iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and Mac. This digital wallet is all about simplified, secure and speedy payments wherever you sell, and it’s readily available on Moneris in-store and online payment solutions. 

Apple Pay is perfect for face-to-face and online transactions.

Side by side images of the Moneris Go and Moneris Go Plus POS terminals
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Accept Apple Pay inside, curbside, seaside – any side – with the Moneris Go family of POS terminals.
Accepting Apple Pay online is simple when combined with Moneris Gateway.
Easily accept Apple Pay on your applications by using our tools and info.

Smart watch making a purchase on a Moneris Go Plus debit machine

Why accept Apple Pay? 

Speed up sales.

Skip the stress. Customers won’t be searching for their debit and credit cards, or needing to enter their contact, billing and shipping details. 

Increase your transactions.

Stop losing customers at checkout! Welcome their new fav way to pay no matter if you sell in-store, online or even on-the-go. 

Reduce fraud.

Get peace of mind. Transactions through Apple Pay are processed with tokenized1 cards and confirmed by Touch ID, Face ID or passcodes. 

Attract shoppers.

Embrace the future. More customers are already using Apple Pay wherever they shop, so add your business to their repertoire. 

How can I accept Apple Pay?


Just contact us.

Speak to your sales rep to activate “contactless payments” on your Moneris POS device.

Review your terminal.

You may already have “contactless payments” enabled, meaning you can accept digital wallets today.

Update your checkout page.

With the Moneris Gateway API, add a digital wallet payment button to your website’s checkout page.

Frequently Asked Questions about accepting Apple Pay

Side by side images of the Moneris Go and Moneris Go Plus POS terminals

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