Restaurant management simplified.

Manage your restaurant with talech

talech is designed for merchants who want a solution tailored to their needs, whether it is a small QSR or full service dining restaurant. With talech’s robust feature set, intuitive interface and real-time reports, you can streamline your operations and make smarter, insights-based business decisions.

With talech, you get a full suite of restaurant management features

  • Tableside ordering

    Serve your customers faster by taking orders at the table, or anywhere within your location, and send them wirelessly to the kitchen.
  • Floor Plan & Table Management

    Create a floor plan to assign waiters to specific sections, orders to specific seats, and reservations to specific tables.
  • Menu Management

    Create a visual menu with images and descriptions that can be easily updated to reflect daily specials and promotions.

  • Staff Management

    Easily measure your employees’ sales and hours worked.
  • Inventory Management

    Manage your inventory to ensure you stay well-stocked.
  • Reporting & Analytics

    Access online reports from wherever you are to get insights into your sales, inventory, discounts and labour costs.

Unique to talech

  • Online Ordering

    Accept orders online on an order website branded to your business. Streamline operations with automatic notifications to your kitchen, and in-store and online sales all tracked in one system.
  • Retail Capabilities

    Have a retail shop in your restaurant? Manage sales and inventory of your products from within the talech app- no need for a separate POS solution!

Software plans

talech offers three software plans to suit your size, budget and goals. Plans are available for a monthly fee or an annual fee. Chat with us to learn more about the features that come with each package.*


1 license (supports 1 iPad)


$39/month (or $421/ year)+ tax


1 license (supports 1 iPad)


$66/month (or $713/year)+ tax


Additional iPad license

$32/month (or $346/year)+ tax


1 license (supports 1 iPad)


$93/month (or $1,004/year)+tax


Additional iPad license

$46/month (or $497/year)+tax

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PIN Pads

Moneris will guide you in the selection of the right PIN Pad for your business, so that they work directly with the POS.


iCT250 PIN Pad

Recommended for restaurant businesses who want to accept payments at the counter 

$30/month + taxes


iWL220 PIN Pad

Recommended for restaurant businesses who want to accept tableside payments within their location or outside on the patio.*Coming Soon*


$49/month + taxes


We have hardware bundles that remove the guesswork in choosing what’s best for your business, and we offer à la carte options to complement the hardware you’re already using.

Installation services

With the purchase of every iPad POS Solution, we offer award-winning customer service and end-to-end support

  • Concierge Services

    A dedicated, single point of contact to help ensure a smooth start with your new iPad POS Solution - at no charge.
  • Installation Services

    Quick, hassle-free on-site setup of your complete iPad POS Solution by our in-house technicians.


talech partners with industry-leading software providers who create solutions well-suited for restaurants.

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