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PAX Technology Devices (Moneris Go)

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is PAX Technology?
PAX Technology is a manufacturer of payment terminals; PIN pads; and Point of sale hardware and software. Moneris currently offers one PAX device – the A920, known as the Moneris Go device.

What is Moneris’ relationship with PAX Technology?
PAX is a technology supplier providing PAX A920 devices to Moneris, which we offer under the Moneris Go brand. 

What solutions does Moneris offer using PAX devices? 
Moneris Go terminal runs on the PAX A920. This is the only solution in market from Moneris that utilizes PAX technology. 

What is the issue with PAX devices?
PAX and other smart devices commonly share geolocation data for a number of reasons. Through the course of the investigation, it was discovered that PAX devices were sharing geolocation data to sources outside of North America. Moneris has worked with PAX to put a stop to this practice.

What data is being transmitted from PAX devices and where is it going?
PAX and other smart devices commonly share geolocation data as part of standard operations. The data being transmitted does not affect the security of transactions or the overall security of the device. 

Is merchant and consumer data at risk from this unknown data sharing?
No. Moneris is confident that there are no merchant or customer data security issues arising from this data sharing. These devices, same as all Moneris devices, are compliant with PCI rules. 

Does Moneris use PAX’s payment platform?
No. Moneris controls its payment ecosystem of applications. We do not use the PAX payment application. Moneris Go is a proprietary payment application developed and managed by Moneris. 

What has Moneris done to stop the sharing of data?
Moneris worked with PAX to remove all accessible geolocation features within the devices and have pushed out updates to all terminals. 

I have multiple Moneris devices. Is there a concern with other Moneris devices?
No. All Moneris devices are safe and secure for use.

I no longer want to use my Moneris Go device. Can I get it swapped for a different model but keep my existing fees and payment structure?
At this time, we are not offering to exchange devices. Moneris believes it has addressed any potential security concerns and the devices are fully compliant with PCI requirements.

I would like to talk to someone about my concerns with the device, who do I call?
Please visit this FAQ ( which will be updated with any new information, and will be the most reliable and up to date location to receive news and updates related to the developments with PAX Technologies.