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Our all-in-one countertop terminals offer seamless connectivity, powerful memory and fast processing speed.

Desk/500 Terminal

Durable & Secure

  • Featuring multiple card readers, including chip card, magnetic stripe and contactless reader, this solution offers a range of payment options for added convenience
  • Faster check out speeds to complete more transactions and get customers on their way
  • Complies with industry security standards
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Short Range Mobile

Lightweight and stylish, our short-range mobile terminal delivers top-notch payment convenience for you and your customers. (Wireless communication range: up to 328 ft (100 m) within your location)

Efficient & Secure

  • Long battery life to support a full day of payment processing
  • Built in printer to print receipts on the spot
  • Bluetooth enabled to connect to your existing high-speed internet connection
  • Complies with industry security standards (EMV and PCI PTS approved)
  • Supports Moneris Gift Card Program
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Long Range Mobile

Compact and easy to use, our Long Range mobile terminals deliver payment versatility for you and your customers.

Flexible & Secure

  • Accept multiple types of cards through magnetic stripe, chip & PIN and contactless options
  • Offers a wide range of mobile network connectivity
  • Built-in printer & exceptional battery life for an intensive day of payment processing
  • Complies with industry security standards (EMV and PCI PTS approved)
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Moneris Core

Moneris Core is a proprietary payment application that powers the payment, user interface, receipting, reporting and terminal management functions on Moneris Cloud Platform devices.

Moneris Core Screen Examples

Why Moneris Core?

• User-friendly design and functionality that allows Moneris to configure your device remotely.

• Increased security that includes multilevel cloud-based passcode protection.

• Supports value-added features like Dynamic Currency Conversion, Moneris Gift Cards, and more.


Terminals powered by Moneris Core:

  • Desk/5000
  • V400c
  • Move/5000
  • V400m

Let your customers pay how they want. Just about anywhere.

  1. Contactless

    It’s all about speed for both you and your customers

  2. Chip and Pin

    Secure & reliable payment processing

  3. Swipe

    When it's all about convenience

Moneris Cloud Platform

Designed for flexibility and ease, the Moneris Cloud Platform stores the most up to date payment software in the cloud and delivers it directly to your device. Always be up to date with the software, no manual updates required!

Allow international customers to pay in their own currency

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) is an easy to implement and secure feature to allow international customers to pay in their local currency and avoid confusion due to unrecognized amounts. Supporting over 90 global currencies & offering comparable exchange rates, DCC converts transactions into your customers’ currency instantly.



Wireless terminals are changing how businesses operate

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