Closeup of someone making a mobile payment on a Moneris Core device set to accessibility mode

Accessible payment terminals are here!

Enhanced accessibility features are available on all Moneris® Core terminals.

What you can expect.

High-contrast displays

Users can switch to a high-contrast screen, with reduced colours and larger fonts for improved visibility on any Core terminal.

Audible prompts 

V400c and V400m terminals offer step-by-step guided audio, so cardholders can hear what's on the screen.

A more inclusive checkout experience.

Point-of-sale systems that rely on visual cues can create barriers to financial independence for the 1.5 million Canadians living with sight loss(1). Through community consultation and in partnership with the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB), an accessibility mode has been created and is available across the Moneris® Core lineup to help break these barriers. Here’s how accessibility mode works.

Thumbnail image of the Moneris Terminal Accessibility video in english

How accessibility mode works


1) Begin the transaction

Simply enter the purchase amount and let your customer know the terminal has an accessibility mode.

2) Enable accessibility mode

From there, you or your customer can enable accessibility mode via the "A" icon on-screen or "5" key.

3) You’re all set 

Accessibility mode will be activated, and the customer can proceed with their transaction.

Consistent user experience.

Activation is the same across all Moneris Core terminals (V400c, V400m, Move 5000, and Desk 5000).

You can either:

  1. Press the “5” key on the number pad 
  2. Touch the “A” icon in the display’s top right corner
Closeup of  a Moneris Core terminal set to accessibility mode accepting a mobile payment in English

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