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Google Pay for Moneris

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Google Pay for Moneris



Offer your customers a better way to pay from their Android™ devices with Google Pay™. Google Pay gives your customers a faster, simpler way to pay - one where they don’t have to search for their wallets or fill in multiple payment forms.

Open up your business for more business with Google Pay today.


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  1. Faster Online Checkout

    Google Pay decreases customers’ time-to-buy, which means they’re less likely to abandon their shopping cart.

  2. More Secure

    Google Pay protects customers' payment info with multiple layers of security to help keep their accounts safe.

  3. Attract New Customers

    Offer the latest payment technology that many customers already have on their smartphone.

  4. It's Global

    Tap into Google's billions of users, and hundreds of millions of cards already on file.

Moneris offers everything you need to get going

  • Simple Integration

    Easy integration with our SDK
  • Developer Portal

    Everything you need to quickly set up Google Pay™

Visit our Developer Portal to access the development tools

Developer Portal

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