Accept payments online with the Moneris® Gateway

An all-in-one platform for all your online payment needs.

The Moneris Gateway is a comprehensive payment processing platform that powers online payment processing and is supported by the Merchant Resource Center and our Developer Portal.  

Merchant Resource Center

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Our versatile Payment Card Industry (PCI) certified Merchant Resource Center gives you enhanced control and peace of mind with access to administrative and reporting tools to manage everything from your accounting to analytics.

Design your checkout experience

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Hosted Pay Page (HPP)

Reassure online customers by seamlessly redirecting them to a secure payment page during checkout. This simple, customizable payment solution requires minimal technical knowledge to setup.

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Application Program Interface (API)

Our robust APIs allow you and your developers to integrate payment processing into your existing website in order to build a solution tailored for your business.  Highly flexible and customizable integration options, our APIs support a wide variety of development languages (.NET, Java, PHP, etc.).  Fraud protection features are also compatible with the Moneris Gateway API.

Turn your computer into a terminal too

The Virtual Terminal (VT) gives you the power to process payments when customers and their cards are not present. Even if orders are received by mail or phone, this secure, web-based interface needs no integration and connects directly to the Moneris Gateway. Easy to set up and simple to use, the VT is available on the Merchant Resource Center (MRC).  VT offers real-time transaction processing and multiple users can simultaneously process transactions on different computers.

Developer Portal

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Designed for developers in mind, our developer portal makes it easy for anyone to work with Moneris.  Developers will also have access to resources, specifications, documentation and sample codes.  Our blog and forum resources also allow developers to connect, share and provide feedback within the developer community.

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Powerful features that make for easier payments

  1. Tokenization & Vault

  2. Hosted Tokenization

  3. Fraud Tools

  4. Digital Wallet Support

  5. Recurring Payments

  6. Account Updaters

  7. Level 2/3 Data

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