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Retail iPad® POS Solutions

Limited time offer: 6 months software fee waived1

Limited time offer: 6 months software fee waived1

A full suite of retail features at your fingertips

Manage Inventory Levels

Monitor product levels and transfer inventory between stores within the app so you’re never low on stock.

Flexible Payment Options

Accept a variety of payment options (including Apple Pay®, credit and Interac® Debit cards).

Maximized Cash Flow

Funds are deposited directly into your account within 1-2 business days.1

Customer Management

Gather insights about customers’ purchases and behaviours to find better ways to serve them.

Real-time Reports 24/7

Know your business with real-time reports available 24/7.

24/7 Support

We’re just a call or a click away any time of day or night.

Software plans

Some businesses are more complex than others.
Choose the monthly software plan that suits your size, budget and goals.

Limited time offer: 6 months software fee waived1

Limited time offer: 6 months software fee waived1


1 User
1,000 Products
+ taxes


10 Users
10,000 Products
+ taxes


100 Users
50,000 Products
+ taxes

Customize your plan

Take your business to new heights with these smart upgrades


Extra Register

We know that when business is booming, you can’t check out customers fast enough, so, upgrades are available that give you an extra register.

+ taxes

Extra User

If your sales team expands, you have the freedom to add additional employees, à la carte, to your account.

+ taxes

Extra Location

If you expand to an additional location, this upgrade will allow you to have an additional Store ID and location created.

+ taxes

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Build and price a POS solution that’s
right for you.

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Remove the guesswork in choosing what hardware is optimal for your business.

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We can help with end-to-end service
and support.

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1You may be subject to a limit on your monthly credit card transaction dollar volume as set out in your Merchant Agreement. If you exceed this monthly amount, Moneris may begin withholding transaction proceeds for settlement in accordance with your Merchant Agreement