Your digital marketing and in-store sales, connected at last.

Know more. Spend smarter.

For the first time in Canada, you can measure the impact of your digital marketing on in-store sales with OfflinxTM, the new multi-touch attribution analytics tool from Moneris. Offlinx delivers the actionable insights you need to make data-driven decisions that fuel strategy and help inform your digital advertising spend. 

See what all the buzz is about! 

Welcome to the marketing analytics revolution

With Offlinx, connecting your digital marketing and in-store sales is finally possible.


  • Reveal both online and offline attribution

    Most analytics tools show attribution for your online purchases – only a small percentage of your total sales.* But only Offlinx reveals the impact of your digital marketing on in-store and offline sales.
  • Know what’s driving revenue and what isn’t

    Using proprietary methods to link and analyze large samples of data, Offlinx shows where your digital marketing drives online and in-store sales.
  • Drill deep with customizable dashboards

    Offlinx is the tool you’ll need to drill into channel and store-level performance data, and uncover the complete ROI on your digital ad spend.
  • Get insights and stay on top of trends

    Armed with in-depth data and insights, you can optimize your digital marketing efforts, and respond to consumer trends with greater agility.
  • Easy to install, set up and use

    You can get up and running quickly – no new systems required. All you have to do is add a set of tracking tags to your website and provide parameter rules.

Reveal the impact of your digital marketing on driving in-store sales

Offlinx’s customizable dashboards provide businesses with a data-driven solution to measure ad spend against sales results.

  • Track online ad campaigns and site visits, and drill down into channel-level data
  • See aggregate and store-level performance data for at-a-glance insights
  • Break out data by store/geographic location, including revenue, purchases and customers

Start seeing the big picture

Offlinx helps answer your most pressing marketing questions:

  1. Which online channel generates the most revenue?
  2. Which stores get the most traffic from online marketing?
  3. How do digital marketing channels influence online and in-store sales?

In the world of analytics, Offlinx is a game-changer. Put Offlinx to work for your business and uncover the complete ROI of your digital ad spend.

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