"Yes, We Are Open" Season 3 Episode 3 - Lakeside Dog Biscuits

"Yes, We Are Open" Season 3 Episode 3 - Lakeside Dog Biscuits

October 17, 2022

This week Al is in Kingston, Ontario to meet Laurie Hannah, the owner of Lakeside Dog Biscuits.

20 years ago, Laurie’s Golden retriever became ill from eating commercial dog food, so Laurie set out to create natural, healthy treats for her pets and thus created Lakeside Dog Biscuits.

Today Laurie is retired from her career as a social worker and running her dog biscuit business full time. But how has the pandemic and high inflation affected her business?

Listen to find out.

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You can learn more about Lakeside Dog Biscuits at lakesidedogbiscuits.com

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