"Yes, We Are Open" Podcast Season 4 Episode 7 - SugarKane

"Yes, We Are Open" Podcast Season 4 Episode 7 - SugarKane

May 15, 2023

The Charles sisters Nicole, Donna and Renée ran a successful catering company out of their home in Scarborough for many years before deciding to make a go in the restaurant industry. With the support of their family, in 2019, they opened SugarKane in Toronto’s Greektown where they serve up delicious Caribbean & Cajun cuisine.

It was a tough go at first to make a name for themselves in the predominantly Greek Toronto neighbourhood and then the pandemic hit causing them to close their doors temporarily. How did they survive?

Listen to find out. 

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You can learn more about SugarKane at sugarkanerestaurant.ca.

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