March Is Fraud Prevention Month!

March Is Fraud Prevention Month!

February 28, 2023 Calculating time...

March Is Fraud Prevention Month!

Fraud continues to be an increasing problem for businesses. In Canada, it has led to hundreds of millions of dollars in losses each year. So how do you protect your business from fraudsters? It starts with awareness and the right tools.

In this month’s episode, Al speaks with Aviva Klein, VP Digital Payments and Cyber & Intelligence at Mastercard. Aviva talks about what Mastercard is doing to keep their cardholders and businesses secure.

Also in this episode:

Jacob Goguen Manager Fraud Detection & Investigations at Moneris co-hosts and shares fraud data in the ‘By The Numbers’ segment.

• Maria Cameron, Director, Portfolio and Process Risk Management at Moneris provides some tips to protect your online business from fraud.

• Amanda IbrahimSenior Events & Sponsorship Specialist at Moneris gives a rundown of March’s events calendar.

Listen to the episode to hear what they have to say.


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