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Shop Talk: April Edition

April 01, 2022 Calculating time...

Tax Season is here! Spring isn’t the only season that has sprung! It’s also tax season!

In this month’s tax-themed episode, Al speaks with Moneris’ Tax Manager Hanna Ghadban in our ‘Feature’ Interview to talk about all things income tax.


Are you an early filer of income tax like this month’s co-host Rick Stephan or are you a last-minute crammer like Al? Where do the majority of Canadians rank on that scale? In this month’s ‘By The Numbers’ Sean McCormick will help answer this question with real consumer data.

Also in this episode:

  • Clyde Seymour, CPA, CA, MACC, Principal – International Income Tax from Ryan LLC, shares some excellent tax information for small business owners
  • Ella Urquhart, Communications Specialist at Moneris with a rundown of April’s events calendar.


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