Moneris Environmental, Social and Governance Report

Striving to make a positive impact through thoughtful transactions.

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Meet Moneris

Canada’s #1 payment processor¹

Proudly Canadian.
Created in 2000 as a joint venture between RBC and BMO.1

3.5 billion transactions every year²

Processes approximately 1 in 3 Canadian transactions through innovative solutions for mobile, online and in-store payments.2

325,000+ merchant locations²

Supplies hardware and software solutions for all types of businesses to support them in a rapidly changing environment.

Why an ESG Report?

As a large company and an industry leader, Moneris bears a significant responsibility to its employees, business owners, and the communities that we serve. That’s why we take concrete action to create positive change in everything we do.


Moneris’ annual Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) report outlines our achievements in the past year and states our commitment to do more with upcoming initiatives.

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We demonstrate agility across the company, leveraging an ability to be nimble to accelerate the achievement of our goals, and continue to keep our commitments to DEI and ESG.

Team Members

At Moneris, we strive to develop an inclusive environment where all our team members can grow, thrive and belong. This aspiration is one of our corporate priorities, which is why we developed our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) strategy with, and for, our team members. This strategy includes a transformation of our internal systems to grow equity and the development of several programs and initiatives celebrating diversity and promoting ongoing learning and inclusion.

We draw our strength from our team members, working hard to offer them a flexible working environment attentive to their needs and the needs of the business. We’re proud to support them in realizing their full potential, and that’s why we're dedicated to providing them with the support, training and mentoring they need to flourish professionally.

Learn more about Moneris being recognized with a 5-Star DEI Employer Award by HR Director.

Learn about our DEI strategy and how we support our team members.

Contributing to communities and enabling better business.  


Supporting the community is at the core of our values at Moneris. Our commitment to the community is reflected through our partnerships with charities that share our values and the support we provide to small businesses. Moneris strives to create a positive impact in every community we serve through donations, partnerships, mentorship, and volunteerism. Our community engagement strategy is built on three foundational pillars – innovation, entrepreneurship, and community support. These pillars guide how we select our partners and measure our performance. 

As a Canadian leader, we have a responsibility to support business owners with the tools and solutions they need to succeed. Through our mentorship and grant programs we are enabling better business across the country.
Read more about our commitment to Canadian businesses.

Taking responsibility for our impact on the environment and driving change in industry practices.


We embrace the responsibility of tracking our impact on the environment and driving change in industry practices. We have put in place measurable initiatives and continue to invest in ways to help reduce waste, greenhouse gas emissions, and energy consumption.

Our energy efficiency projects such as the installation of a solar wall, the pursuit of electrification of our vehicle fleet and the creation of industrial synergies illustrates our commitment to helping reduce our environmental footprint and that of our sector. Our office environmental committees across Canada are empowered to implement green and responsible initiatives according to their local needs and impacts.

Read more about our environmental initiatives.

Ensuring good governance through best practices.


Moneris is dedicated to maintaining high standards of good governance, which is what allows us to consistently deliver quality products and services to our merchants. We continue to deploy measures that demonstrate our commitment to proactively manage the inherent risks in our business, notably through our Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) system.

We believe in full transparency and accountability of our supply chain, which is why we recently deployed a supplier survey and code of conduct. At Moneris, ensuring our ethical beliefs are reflected in all that we do is vital. 

Read more on how Moneris ensures good governance in all we do.

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