Moneris Environmental, Social and Governance Report

Striving to make a positive impact through thoughtful transactions.

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Proudly Canadian. Created in 2000 as a joint venture between RBC and BMO.


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Processes approximately 1 in 3 Canadian transactions through innovative solutions for mobile, online and in-store payments.2

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Supplies hardware and software solutions for all types of businesses to support them in a rapidly changing environment.2

Why an ESG Report?

In today’s world, we are seeing an increased number of social, health and environmental challenges. This awareness has prompted Moneris to want to contribute towards a more sustainable future through our operations and services.

Moneris’ first Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) report is an opportunity to share our vision on how we address and respond to these varying issues. Our ESG framework is based off the following four guiding principles: Team members, Community, Environment & Governance. It outlines our achievements in 2022 and states our commitment to do more with upcoming initiatives. Here is a brief overview.

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Building a hybrid culture, strongly rooted in our values and our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

Team Members

Moneris believes our strength as a company depends on our ability to come together, innovate, and support one another. So, in 2022, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) became one of Moneris’ top 10 priorities. Moneris aims to provide good working conditions and create wellness initiatives that protect our team’s financial, physical and mental health.

Our Hybrid Work Environment Standard is an example of this, allowing leaders to choose a suitable work model for their team (i.e., hybrid, fully remote or fully onsite). 
Moneris also strives to promote growth and development, which is what inspired us to build a virtual training space accessible to all team members and start our new graduate program -- Start@Moneris

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Contributing to communities and enabling better business.  


charity partners


volunteer hours


startups supported


Moneris is committed to making a positive impact on the communities we serve. This is expressed through our financial involvement (i.e. donations, sponsorships, small business support) and a strong commitment to volunteerism. In 2022, our company contributed to over 40 charities and our team members volunteered over 1,500 hours supporting various causes.

We were the first sponsors of the Bears’ Lair Indigenous Youth Entrepreneur Dream Camp – a place for Indigenous youth to learn fundamental business skills. We also partnered with Elevate to support 125 startups through eCommerce North. Read more about our commitment to Canadian businesses.

Minimizing our impact on the environment and driving change in industry practices.


Moneris is focused on decreasing the environmental footprint of our operations and payment solutions. Thanks to the implementation of new practices, we have already seen a reduction in our waste, our greenhouse gas emissions, and the overall impact of our services.


We are proud to eliminate 1.5 tonnes of plastic waste annually through our Good Enough vs Good as New policy, work with our suppliers to minimize ecological effects and organize park cleanups, as well as fundraisers for local environmental organizations. Not to mention, 63% of our terminals are purchased from EcoVadis-certified manufacturers and 99.95% of devices that end up at Moneris repair centres are put back into working order.

Read more about our ongoing work to minimize environmental impact.

Ensuring good governance through best practices.


Moneris is dedicated to maintaining high standards of good governance, which is what allows us to consistently deliver quality products and services to our merchants.


  • In 2022, all team members showed commitment to core values and principles by signing Moneris Code of Conduct.
  • 99.57% of company trained on ethics-related topics through Taking Care of Business program.
  • To manage risk, as well as data privacy and security, we comply with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and are ISO 22301 certified. 
Read more on how Moneris ensures good governance in all we do.

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