"Yes, We Are Open" Podcast Season 6 Episode 1- River Café

"Yes, We Are Open" Podcast Season 6 Episode 1- River Café

April 01, 2024 By: Al Grego Calculating time...

Yes, River Café Is Open!

For season 6 of ‘Yes, We Are Open’, Al heads west to Alberta! His first stop is Prince’s Island in Calgary, an urban oasis located on the Bow River.

The island park is primarily accessible by a number of footbridges. It is home to playgrounds, walking paths, several outdoor activities & festivals, and one notable business, River Café.

Sal Howell is the owner of the café, which started as a park concession. In 1995, Sal transformed the open-air space into a must-see year-round dining experience.

For the last 30 years, River Café has served up cuisine from ingredients indigenous to the region, but a couple of major floods in the city, one in 2005 and an even bigger one in 2013 threatened to wash all of that away.

This is Sal’s story.

Listen to find out.


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You can learn more about River Café at river-cafe.com.

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