"Yes, We Are Open" Podcast Season 5 Episode 6- Strikers Den

"Yes, We Are Open" Podcast Season 5 Episode 6- Strikers Den

November 06, 2023 By: Al Grego Calculating time...

Yes, Strikers Den Is Open!

This week Al visits Charlottetown, PEI and Ash Mehndiratta, owner of Strikers Den, a one-of-a-kind family entertainment centre and game store. Featuring unique worldly dexterity tabletop Games such as: Sjolbak (AKA Dutch Shuffleboard); or Novuss (aka Baltic Billiards); or Klask, a popular game from Denmark; and yes, he even has the  classic Canadian game of Crokinole.

These games, and many more are all available to play in Ash’s store. He also has an impressive selection of board games from around the world for purchase. Listen to the story of why Ash and his wife left careers in IT and corporate training to open this unique business in downtown Charlottetown.

Listen to find out.


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You can learn more about Strikers Den at strikersden.ca.

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