Shop Talk: August Edition

Shop Talk: August Edition

August 02, 2022 By: Al Grego Calculating time...


The way customers pay for goods and services has changed drastically. The events of the past two years has accelerated that change. But what about Business-to-Business transactions? Have there been any improvements with how businesses pay each other?

In this episode Al speaks with Ballal Ahmad, VP Product Management at Mastercard to talk about how businesses are paying their vendors.

Also in this episode:

  • Atia Sabour, Manager, B2B Marketplace Strategy at Moneris co-hosts
  • Jon Purther, Director of Market Insights at Payments Canada brings relevant Canadian B2B data
  • Robert Wilkinson, Vice President B2B at Moneris is our resident B2B expert
  • Ella Urquhart, Sr. Communications Specialist at Moneris gives a rundown of August’s events calendar.


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