Shop Talk by Moneris: February Edition, The Big Game!

Shop Talk by Moneris: February Edition, The Big Game!

February 01, 2023 By: Al Grego Calculating time...

The Big Game!

Large sporting events can have a big impact on many different kinds of business. We just had one of the world biggest sporting events in Soccer’s World Cup and coming up this month is one of the biggest sporting events in North America (HINT: It’s a ‘Super’ event).

Al Speaks to Sean McCormick, Director, Business Development at Moneris about this past World Cup and how it affected spending here in Canada.

Al also speaks with René-Pier Plourde, Content Marketing Manager at UEAT, who talks about the upcoming big game in the US, how that may affect the restaurant business, and how restaurants can prepare for the increased business.

Also in this episode:

Sean McCormick co-hosts.

• Patrick Wiltshire, Director, Core Payments at Moneris talks about tipping.

• Matt RovetEvents Producer at Moneris gives a rundown of February’s events calendar.

Upcoming Events:

  • B2B Webinar with Visa - Strategies for savings through B2B payments
  • UEAT Webinar – A Restauranteur’s peak-time playbook

    Listen to the episode to hear what they have to say.


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