Proud Partner of Tap to Travel

Proud Partner of Tap to Travel

December 15, 2022 Calculating time...

There are many types of transit takers. Daily commuters. Lunch date planners. Enjoyers of a nice night out. Whatever type of transit taker you are, Moneris and Metrolinx are proudly partnering to create a more convenient transit experience for riders. Whether you’re taking a trip to your favourite food spot or going out on the town, Moneris is here to ensure that wherever you’re going, it’s easier to get there. 

Paying without delaying with Moneris’ Open Loop Payments

Moneris’ Open Loop Payments enable you to simply tap on with their credit card, digital wallets, or debit card for your fare on the GO, Brampton, MiWay, Oakville Transit and UP Express. Not only does this offer more choice and convenience for your trips, it also marks the first time a payment processor in Canada is offering a contactless debit option as a way to pay for transit fare. The ability to pay with your contactless debit, credit or digital wallet helps to alleviate long lines at the kiosks, loading a separate fare card, or keeping loose change in your pocket. This is particularly helpful for occasional riders as it provides you with a payment option that is more familiar and easier to use, so you can get to wherever you’re going easily.

Tapping on and tapping off

You wouldn’t pay for your morning bagel with your entire wallet, so don’t do it for your fare. Like all other contactless payments systems, take your preferred card out of your wallet, purse or phone case and tap onto a PRESTO device to pay. This avoids a situation called ‘card clash’ and ensures you are paying with the right payment card. If you’re travelling on GO Transit or UP Express, remember to tap off at your destination with the same card or method you used to tap on to avoid any possible duplication of fare payment. For all your other journeys, you just need to tap once when starting your trip.

Proud partner of getting you there

From Oshawa to Kitchener, Barrie to downtown Toronto, and everywhere in between, Moneris is making it easy to take it easy. Launching on December 19th, you can see our campaign live on the Go Train, Go Stations across the GTA and the Skywalk in Toronto.

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