Recruitment Fraud and Tips to Avoid It

Recruitment Fraud and Tips to Avoid It

November 21, 2022 Calculating time...

Fraud through identity theft is a common occurrence in today’s world. Whether it’s phishing scams via email, text or social channels, it can be hard to identify a legitimate opportunity vs. a con.

Recently, Moneris became an unwitting participant in a scam by fraudsters seeking to get job applicants’ personal information. These fraudsters sent fake emails and social messages to job seekers with a link to fill out an online form with their personal and job information. In order to combat this type of fraud, we’ve posted a notice on our careers page and offer the following tips to job seekers – whether they’re looking for employment at Moneris or elsewhere.

When you’re seeking that next phase of your career journey, Moneris will:

  • Never ask for any kind of payment or payment information as part of the hiring process
  • Never use third-party links to forms (e.g. Google Docs, Jotform etc.) for any part of the interview process
  • Never schedule an interview until you have successfully submitted a job application on
  • Never offer a position without the candidate first applying and talking with a Moneris Talent Acquisition partner
  • Never use Google Hangouts, WhatsApp or other third-party messaging platforms to conduct interviews.
  • Never ask for a cheque or etransfer of funds to order/purchase any kind of equipment
  • Never send offer letters via personal or non-corporate email. Offer letters are sent via DocuSign and provide specific information about the exact job role/duties, salary and other details unique to the job offer. The job offers are very specific and will come from someone you have spoken with at Moneris – NOT our Chief Human Resources Office (CHRO) Denise Hayes.

In addition, all correspondence will come from a email address – ensure that the spelling of any email address matches this format. Be wary of extra letters or other misspellings.

When you interview for a role at Moneris, the process usually takes several weeks to complete and involves multiple employees from Moneris. Official correspondence will always come from someone with a email address or via Moneris systems that our teams will identify (E.G. DocuSign) so you know what and when to expect things.

We hope these tips help you in your applications to Moneris or any other hiring company. If you are ever unsure about any of our processes, please reach out to our recruitment team.


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