The Moneris Mosaic features Zoë Dave

The Moneris Mosaic features Zoë Dave

November 10, 2023 Calculating time...

In this feature of The Moneris Mosaic we shine a spotlight on Zoë Dave (she/her).

The Moneris Mosaic features Zoe Dave 

Zoë’s career at Moneris began at the Contact Centre in Sackville, New Brunswick. Zoë started as a Business Support Representative, during the days of the manual imprinter orders! Her experience working in CEx (Customer Experience) helped build the foundation that supported her progression throughout her career at Moneris. 

In this interview, Zoë shares her experience and advice on how active involvement in various committees, participating in the Moneris mentorship program, and always staying curious about the dynamic payment industry, have helped in accelerating her career. Through these efforts and over her 13 years at Moneris, Zoë has moved into new positions and departments and earned well-deserved promotions, that have led to her current role as a Business Systems Analyst in the Product Governance and Reporting team.
Together, let's appreciate the beautiful mosaic of unique stories, like Zoë's, that shape our exceptional team at Moneris.

Watch Zoë’s story:

About The Moneris Mosaic

The Moneris Mosaic is an employee spotlight program that celebrates the stories of the people who make Moneris truly special. Just like a beautiful mosaic, this program brings together a variety of unique and colorful stories, coming together to create one inspiring image of our Moneris team.

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