The Moneris Mosaic features Monte McGregor

The Moneris Mosaic features Monte McGregor

July 12, 2023 Calculating time...

In this feature of The Moneris Mosaic we shine a spotlight on Monte McGregor.

Employee Spotlight with Monte McGregor

With almost two years at Moneris, Monte has made a significant impact working as a Certification Specialist on the Product and Partnerships team. Monte's role is crucial in ensuring our devices are certified and set up flawlessly for seamless tap and pay experiences. But his journey goes beyond his professional expertise. Monte is an active member of the Black Employee Network (BEN) at Moneris, where he embraces the opportunity to connect and build relationships with others from across the business in our hybrid work environment.

Originally from Jamaica, Monte's life took an unexpected turn when he became visually impaired at the age of 17. In this video spotlight, Monte shares his personal experience and journey of navigating a career while visually impaired. His story serves as an inspiration to others, offering valuable knowledge on fostering an inclusive environment for individuals with disabilities. Together, let's appreciate the beautiful mosaic of unique stories, like Monte’s, that shape our exceptional team at Moneris.

Watch Monte’s story here:

About The Moneris Mosaic

The Moneris Mosaic is an employee spotlight program that celebrates the stories of the people who make Moneris truly special. Just like a beautiful mosaic, this program brings together a variety of unique and colorful stories, coming together to create one inspiring image of our Moneris team.

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