The Moneris Mosaic features Cass McPhee

The Moneris Mosaic features Cass McPhee

September 20, 2023 Calculating time...

In this feature of The Moneris Mosaic we shine a spotlight on Cass McPhee (they/them).

The Moneris Mosaic features Cass McPhee 

Cass is celebrating eight years at Moneris this month, and throughout their tenure, they have held various roles in the organization, including Administration Support and being a Business Support Representative; they have also worked on Operations projects and are now a Risk Analyst on the Enterprise Risk team.  

In addition to their day-to-day role, Cass is currently the Co-Lead of Moneris' PRISM Employee Inclusion Group (EIG), a space focused on supporting 2SLGBTQIA+ team members, their allies, and educating the larger Moneris community on the experiences and challenges that impact the 2SLGBTQIA+ community in the workplace and beyond. Cass' impact at Moneris does not stop there though, due to their distinct educational background, expertise in voice acting, and previous experience as a stand-up comedian (yeah, you read that right, we were impressed too!) Cass has also had the unique experience of providing voice-over work for various initiatives at Moneris, including training videos, phone systems, and, most recently, our podcast Yes! We Are Open! 

In this audio spotlight [fitting, we know 😉], Cass shares with us a bit about their career journey, their experiences with gender expression and perceptions of gender as a voice actor, as well as walks us through some of the challenges and epiphanies they had while coming to the decision to open themselves to bringing their whole self to work. 

Together, let's appreciate the beautiful mosaic of unique stories, like Cass', that shape our exceptional team at Moneris. 

Listen to Cass’ story:

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