Offlinx connects marketing initiatives to sales performance with Campaign-Specific Analysis feature

Offlinx can now attribute in-store and online purchases to individual marketing campaigns, helping users determine which initiatives are truly driving sales.


Toronto, ON – December 2, 2020 – Moneris Solutions Corporation (“Moneris”), Canada’s largest* processor of debit and credit card payments, announced enhancements to its Offlinx® marketing analytics tool, with the introduction of the Campaign-Specific Analysis (CSA) feature. Marketers taking advantage of Offlinx’s powerful attribution methods will now have a new tool to help identify which online campaigns were most effective, where they were most effective and how many sales each campaign generated as a result.

Offlinx generates insights from transactions conducted over Moneris’ payment networks to help businesses measure the impact of their digital marketing on in store sales, a blind spot for most marketing analytics tools today. The CSA feature refines Offlinx results by automatically reading website information and interpreting embedded data to attribute sales performance to individual marketing campaigns. Businesses using Offlinx can use this information to focus their marketing spend and help ensure the right campaign message is delivered to the right audience through the right channels.

“We know budgets are tight for many businesses right now, which is why solutions that help inform spending decisions are needed more than ever,” said Malcolm Fowler, Chief Strategic Partnership Officer at Moneris. “The Campaign-Specific Analysis feature helps businesses make the most of their marketing dollars, and these insights allow funds to be allocated more effectively and with greater confidence.”

The CSA feature automatically captures campaign information, which makes measuring performance easy and intuitive. Users simply select the marketing campaign or campaigns they wish to analyze from the campaign filter and the interactive dashboard will display the results. Specifically, users will get insight on which regions responded best to each marketing campaign, down to the individual store level, and what portion of those sales are attributable to each campaign or group of campaigns.

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* Based on total number of transactions processed in Canada.