Moneris introduces universal payment application on next-generation devices

Moneris Core delivers a uniform payment and user experience across new Ingenico and Verifone point-of-sale terminals

Toronto, ON – April 23, 2019Moneris Solutions Corporation (“Moneris”), Canada’s largest processor of debit and credit card payments, introduced Moneris Core (“Core”), proprietary software that will power its next-generation payment terminals. Available on Moneris’ newest countertop devices, the Verifone V400c and Ingenico Desk/5000, and the wireless Ingenico Move/5000, the application delivers a consistent merchant and consumer experience during a payment transaction. Moneris is the only acquirer in Canada to offer a unified bilingual experience across point-of-sale (POS) terminals.


Core controls the terminal settings, payment functions, reporting and enhanced security features on the device. Its full-colour interface provides a modern look and feel across terminals, with intuitive icon screens similar to everyday smart devices. The consistent navigation and terminal responses regardless of device promise to help accelerate payment transactions and staff training.


“The payment terminal and application that powers it are critical parts of the engine that keep a business running,” says Malcolm Fowler, Chief Product and Partnership Officer. “For Moneris Core, we put merchant and cardholder payment terminal interactions under the microscope and focused on making them faster, more intuitive and frankly more elegant. We took every opportunity to strip out clunky steps in the payment flow, removing friction from the payment experience. Moneris Core saves businesses time and speeds cardholders through payment transactions.”


Displayed on the 3.5-inch touchscreen of Moneris’ new devices, Core’s simplified menus and transaction prompts are easy to understand for both staff and cardholders. Merchants can customize the homepage with common functions for faster access during payments. The application leverages the Moneris Cloud for enhanced features like text and email receipts, and extends remote terminal management and transaction reporting from the device to Merchant Direct.



Pictured: Moneris Core running on the Ingenico Desk/5000 (left) and Verifone V400c (middle) countertop devices, and the Ingenico Move/5000 (right) wireless terminal.


To deliver a seamless experience out of the box, Moneris pre-configures the devices for merchants prior to shipping, so that terminals are payment ready within seconds of the application loading. Moneris’ 24/7 customer care team can program local terminal settings through the Moneris Cloud, minimizing the troubleshooting effort for merchants.


Among Core’s robust cloud-based security features is the multi-level password protection, which allows managers to restrict access to transaction types, configurations and reporting functions based on user profile. Transaction features supported include credit and debit payments, mobile wallets, Dynamic Currency Conversion, Moneris Gift Cards, store and forward, electronic receipts, card-not-present payments, cashback, gratuity, surcharge and more.


Moneris plans to grow its suite of next-generation devices powered by Core with the addition of semi-integrated and pay-at-table functionality coming later this year. For more information on Core, please visit



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