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Let us help you measure, monitor and stay informed on spending trends

The consumer spending data you need to inform your strategy.

Moneris Data Services give you access to a comprehensive picture of Canadian consumer spending and recovery trends across geographic regions and industry segments.

Providing rich and timely data.

As Canada’s largest payment processor1, we harness the power of billions of transactions received in real-time, across all types of merchants, industries, card brands, and geographic areas. Our spending data allows clients to measure localized economic impacts of new projects — including bike lanes, traffic/transit changes or construction projects — as well as monitor and drive policies, research, and forecasting models that could help with economic recovery from the global pandemic.


Smarter decisions driven by:

  • All debit and credit card brands accepted in Canada

  • 3.5+ billion annual transactions

  • 350,000+ merchant locations

  • Cross-industry segments

Make more informed decisions.


Both public and private sector clients use our Data Services to not only make smarter policy and business decisions, but also closely monitor the impacts of those decisions. Data can be presented at a national/cross-industry level, and can also be segmented into:

  1. Industry segments

    Drill down into specific groups within the Retail, Service, and Travel & Entertainment sectors.

  2. Geographic locations

    View trends from a national, provincial, city or FSA level.2

  3. Timely reports

    Access weekly or monthly indexed volume trends, growth rates, and average transaction spend data.

Our custom data solutions

  • Weekly economic insights

    Weekly consumer spending trends, aggregated by industry group at the national, provincial, or city levels are enabling clients to monitor economic impacts from rapidly-changing events such as the global pandemic.

    Our timely data is empowering clients to make better policy decisions and monitor the subsequent economic impact of their decisions, as well as inform research studies, forecasting models, and more.

  • Event-driven insights

    Our team works with clients to help measure the economic impact of specific projects, such as new bike lanes, transit or construction projects that may impact local businesses.

    We provide anonymized and aggregated metrics for specific areas (even down to specific street levels), comparison metrics for similar control areas, and aggregated results across various industry categories.

  • Tourism spending insights

    Tourism spending data delivers insights on where tourists to Canada are arriving from, the types of businesses they spend money on, how much they are spending, and the trends over time.

    Our tourism spending data, by country of origin, is aggregated by industry group and across various geographic areas (national, provincial, city or even by FSA level).

Spending Insights from Moneris

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Based on total processing volume in Canada.
Forward Sortation Area (FSA) is a designated geographical unit based on the first three characters in a Canadian postal code.