Unattended Payment Solutions

Self-Serve and Kiosk

The best self-serve solutions for debit and credit card payments

The Ultimate Unattended Payment Solutions

Take your unattended payments to the next level with solutions that are perfect for high volume self-service environments.

UX Unattended Payment Solution

As one of the first in North America, Moneris’ UX Unattended Payment Solution lets unattended businesses easily upgrade their payment technology. Affordable, secure, customizable and easy to implement, this EMV platform requires only a simple install and certification process.

Photo of Unattended Payment Solution

Winner of the Canadian Payments Benefitting Merchants Award at ACT Canada’s Annual IVIE Awards gala, 2015. This product is best for:

  • Parking Authorities 
  • Kiosks 
  • Retail 
  • School Boards 

iUN iSelf-Serve Products

iUN Unattended Payment Solutions
Combining our iSelf-Serve products enables EMV Chip & PIN Transactions and contactless payments in your kiosks. PCI certified and compliant, this is a secure, fast and easily integrated way to deliver customer satisfaction.

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