Unattended Payment Solutions

Self-Serve and Kiosk

The best self-serve solutions for debit and credit card payments

UX Series Unattended Payment Solutions

Take your unattended payments to the next level with solutions that are perfect for high volume self-service environments.

UX300 Unattended Payment Solution

The UX300 provides secure and reliable payment processing capability, accepting EMV Chip and PIN cards, NFC/contactless payments and mobile wallets functionality.


UX410 Contactless Self-Serve Solution

The sleek and modern UX 410 with Direct Connect, provides fast and secure NFC/Contactless payment processing.

Secure and versatile payment solution

  • Direct Connect supports end-to-end encryption, tokenization, local hashing and enhanced progress tokens
  • Anti-vandalism enclosure and weatherproof design
  • Mobile wallets or all major credit cards can be tapped for fast contactless payments

iUN iSelf-Serve Products

iUN Unattended Payment Solutions
Combining our iSelf-Serve products enables EMV Chip & PIN Transactions and contactless payments in your kiosks. PCI certified and compliant, this is a secure, fast and easily integrated way to deliver customer satisfaction.

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