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PAYD Pro Plus iPP320

PAYD Pro Plus®

Our most advanced mobile payment (mPOS) solution, PAYD Pro Plus® gives you unprecedented control over your business when you’re on the go, all from an iPad®.
Moneris Checkout

Moneris Checkout

You can easily and securely accept and process customer transactions through your own business website using Moneris Checkout, a comprehensive online payment solution that is hosted by Moneris.


tiptap provides a simple, easy to use digital alternative to impulse donations and small-denomination transactions.1 

tiptap offers an NFC-enabled wireless receiver that allows for near-instant acceptance of any contactless payment or donation, all compatible with Moneris’ payment processing solution.2 Each unit functions as an autonomous POS system, enabling touchless payments™ without additional equipment or complicated back-end technology.3

Since there’s a human behind every donation, tiptap focuses on providing features and benefits that work for everyone:


• Simple set up
Simple set up and easy connection to merchant accounts, backed by industry-leading security. 

• Help lower your operating expenses
   Processing fees are deducted from collections, helping keep operating expenses low.

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